Magnetic Purification Starter Kit
Magnetic Purification Starter Kit
Magnetic Purification Starter Kit
Magnetic Purification Starter Kit
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Magnetic Purification Starter Kit

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Our Magnetic Purification Starter Kit will get you up and running with for large volume magnetic particle workflows.

The kit includes:

One XBASE24: Magnetic array plate for rapid 24 well magnetic particle separation. 

One case (20) XBLOK2412 plates: 24 well polypropylene plate with a nominal capacity of 12 mL

One XBASE24 Aluminum Heater/Chiller/Shaker Adaptor: Designed for robotic and manual workflows.  Bolt hole pattern allows secure attachment to a Hamilton HHS.  We can modify this adaptor to fit heaters, shakers, and chillers from other manufacturers.  Please get in touch to learn more! 


Not all magnetic plate separation devices are created equally. We understand that during washing you want the magnetic particles against the sidewall to minimize loss. But then you need the particles at the bottom of the well for high concentration elution. With our dual offset plates you can have your cake and eat it too.

  • Popular applications include:
  • Next Genreration Sequencing (NGS) Library Pooling
  • Recovery of anitgen or primary antibodies during Elisa plate preparation
  • Coating Tissue Cultuire Plates

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These additional accessories expand the utility of the VBLOK200 and are designed to integrate seamlessly into the deck of your existing automated liquid handler.

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VBLOK200 Adapter

Add temperature control and shaking to your reagent reservoir. Compatible with popular on deck heating, cooling, and shaking devices.