Either way, welcome!

The RBLOK18,927 isn't a real product (though we'll happily sell you one if you really want), but it illustrates a problem we're trying to solve.  

Some of you may remember our automatic fill station.  This plug and play device was designed to seamlessly deliver large reagent volumes to the deck of any automated liquid handler with no programming or script writing required.  

Here's an early rendering. The device comprises a base peristaltic pump station, source bottle, and an on-deck reservoir with liquid level sensor.  Sadly, the anti-gravity feature didn't make it into the production units, but I digress.  

Based on feedback from our early adopters, we've decided to redesign for better form, function, and to add some interesting features.  

We expect to launch in Q4 2021, but if you'd like early access to a beta test unit, we're actively recruiting partner labs.  If you're interested, all you have to do is send a brief email to me here: jon@clickbio.com

Thanks for your time, and I hope this April Fool's day treats you well.  


Jon Hardingham

Director of Technology & Innovation

Clickbio, Inc.