Evaporation limiting lid for 24 well plate

Evaporation Limiting Lid for 24 Well Plates

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ClickBio's Evaporation Limiting Lid:

  • Designed for use with ClickBio's XBLOK2412.
  • Intended to normalize evaporative loss across the plate.
  • Inverted chimney design directs condensate back into the well.
  • 12 lids per case.



The evaporation limiting lid is specially designed to reduce evaporation in 24 well plates. The reverse chimney design prevents droplets from cross contaminating wells. The small oriface in the center of the well greatly reduces evaporative edge effects.

  • Popular applications include:
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Library Pooling
  • Recovery of antigen or primary antibodies during Elisa plate preparation
  • Coating Tissue Cultuire Plates

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