VBLOK200 low dead volume reservoir
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VBLOK200 Reservoir, Case

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ClickBio's VBLOK200 is designed as a low dead volume reagent reservoir for 8-channel pipetting and a centrifuge collection vessel for recovering liquid from multi-well plates.

  • 200 mL working volume (280 mL max)
  • <1 mL dead volume
  • Standard ANSI/SLAS automation footprint
  • Virgin Medical Grade Polypropylene
  • Optional E-beam sterilization
  • RNase, DNase, and Pyrogen free
  • Case of 24, individually wrapped.  

Sample Pooling and Recovery

The VBLOK200 was originally designed to recover or pool liquids in a multi-well plate. Just invert the plate into the VBLOK and spin in a centrifuge to collect all residual liquid in a 24, 96, 384, or 1536-well plate. This reduces tip costs, saves pipetting time, and improves recovery compared to manual or automated pipetting from each well.

With a dead volume of <1 mL, the VBLOK is also an ideal reservoir for automation workflows where reagent waste reduction is paramount.  

Popular applications include:

Low Volume Reagent Reservoir

Beyond its initial purpose the VBLOK is widely used as a reagent reservoir. The unique design funnels all liquid to the center where it is accessible for pipetting with an 8-channel pipette. The high-polish inner surface of the VBLOK ensures all liquid pools in the V-bottom channel.

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Accessories / Related Products

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VBLOK200 Adapter

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