Smarter Reagent Fill Station with the control and pump box and deck module which holds a VBLOK reservoir
On deck reservoir attached to Smarter Reagent Fill Station
Fill station replacement tube set
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Comparison chart showing how ClickBio's Smarter Reagent Fill Station compares to other similar products
Detailed image of control and pump box and deck module for the Smarter Reagent Fill Station
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Smarter Reagent Fill Station

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ClickBio’s NEW Smarter Reagent Fill Station is an on deck reservoir that can automatically and continuously replenish itself from an off deck reservoir. This automation friendly device allows a single deck position to supply an unlimited volume of media for applications such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) or cell culture. Packaged with a Smarter Reagent Fill Station Tubing Set.

Extra Tubing Sets are available for purchase.

Smart Features:

Versatility - The Smarter Reagent Fill Station has multiple modes, and can be reconfigured into a Waste Station, pumping liquid waste off the deck to a waste bottle. If you need to maintain suspended particles, the Smarter Reagent Fill Station can Agitate and Recirculate your liquid. When your testing is complete, press a button to Drain the reservoir back into the bottle.

Disposable Fluid Path - The Smarter Reagent Fill Station uses a peristaltic pump, so there is no contact between the pump and the fluid. Combined with a disposable VBLOK as the reservoir, the Fill Station has a 100% disposable fluid path.

Multiple Overflow Safeties - We want to keep liquid in your reservoir and your deck dry, so we have designed multiple fail-safe features to prevent these scenarios.

Time Out - If the source bottle runs dry or a tube breaks, the Smarter Reagent Fill Station will timeout after a set interval. This safety mechanism prevents the pump from flooding your deck in the case of a broken tube. The timeout also prevents the pump from running all night if your source is empty.

Cross-Platform Capability - The Deck Module, which holds the reservoir, is designed to fit into a standard microplate position. If your robot uses microplates, you can use the Smarter Reagent Fill Station. Even better, the fill station doesn't require integration. Place it on the deck, install the tubes, press start.

Variable Speed Settings - You choose how fast the peristaltic pump runs. Slow and quiet to extend the lifespan of your tubing or total power to move liquid as quickly as possible.

Main Components:

1. Deck Module - Houses VBLOK200 reservoir, a capacitive liquid sensor and an attachment rail for the tubes.

2. Control & Pump Box - Consists of a peristaltic pump, the electronics, an LCD display and a keypad.

3. Tubing Set - Consists of a fill tube, a drain tube and clips to attach to the rail on the Deck Module.

4. Source Bottle - Provided by the user to suit your volume needs. The bottle connects to the fill station via the tubing set provided.